Redefine the way we experience 3D maps

The City VR Experience

Walk like a giant alongside skyscrapers


Augmented Reality Light Painting
powered by Skywand

About the studio - Amber Garage

Amber Garage is a Silicon Valley based creative art & tech studio. We love photography, nature, new media art, and robotics. As artists, we're creating our own art language to bridge the gap between virtual world and reality. As photographers, we're exploring a solution to put our camera anytime anywhere on the planet to capture the beauty of our beloved world. As roboticist, we're thinking how robotics technology can revolutionize the process of creative works.

We created Skywand as a new art media to bridge the virtual world and the real world, which enables awesome creative projects that people could never imagine before.

Our works are based on our core robotics technologies: sensor fusion + simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). They power all our creative projects and tools: Skywand, HoloKit, The City VR Experience and Airgraphy.

Partnerships & Contacts

We are looking for partnership with innovators, filmmakers, artists, and creatives to collaborate on creative Robotics + Art projects that use the Skywand technologies.